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Vitreus Art is Jenny Timms & Mike Caddy.

About 19 (ish....) years ago we saw some contemporary stained glass on display while on holiday in Cornwall. We said to each other - could we learn to make stained glass like that?
Mike booked Jenny and him on a beginner's course and shortly after bought a complete set of tools for both; Vitreus Art was established. Actually, it took some time to get good enough to make pieces to sell, and many a drop of claret was spilled while putting in the hours to learn the craft!

As we started to sell work at craft shows and exhibitions, we found ourselves turning away folks who asked us if we knew of anyone who taught stained glass. Until it dawned on us that should be us! Many, many years later, we teach all sorts of glass classes at our gallery. Back then, it was just one type of beginner's class.
Now we have our studio-gallery, a kiln for glass fusing, a huge range of tools and materials for all sorts of art classes and a group of talented art teachers who run classes in at least ten different art forms.

As for our stained and fused glass art, our pieces are owned by people who want their art to have a changing, dynamic quality. The way the glass affects the light, and the way this changes with different lighting conditions means your piece will rarely look as it did the last time you looked...
The pieces are often hung in windows where the changing light of the day produces beautiful effects. The freestanding pieces look great on a window ledge, or on a mantelpiece.

We're equally comfortable making traditional leaded stained glass windows to harmonize with existing period features or abstract glass art on any scale - we welcome your enquiry for a commission and invite you to look at a small selection of the designs we've made for clients.

Jenny first discovered her interest in colour and light while at art college and now gets to put it to good use!
Mike has had a passion for light effects since studying to be a theatre lighting designer.
Both Jenny and Mike teach stained and fused glass art from beginners up to advanced level.

You can buy securely online through this site, see our pieces at art and craft shows, or even request a home visit if you live within 30 miles of our base at The Bell Plantation.

We welcome enquiries from galleries, WI or U3A groups, craft shows and exhibition organisers.
Get in touch here.

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Visit this page to see videos on workshops and courses, rotating views of art, chats with artists and helpful tips for glass crafters - click here.

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Jenny demonstrating at a craft fairMike Caddy soldering stained glass

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