Stained Glass and Fused Glass Commissions

"I asked VA to make a bespoke leaded gass panel to fill an odd shaped gap between a 17C beam and the ceiling above. After a few meetings and trial drawings, I decided on the final design and yesterday it was fitted. What a beautiful piece of art it is. Constructed of odd-shaped pieces of intense colour glass it is like a small version of an ancient church window - just a perfect job!!" - Derek B

The photos on this page show just a few examples of pieces we've made to commission for clients. In some cases the design was suggested to us; in others, we were given an open brief and asked to come up with some proposals.

We're equally happy to use our copper-foil techniques to make pieces of wall art, or leading with cames to create weatherproof windows or door panels. Or of course - we will be delighted to make a glass fused piece just for you, like the first example shown here.

Fused Glass on a mounting board (photo 1)

This piece was created to remind the owners of their favourite holiday destination in Wales - Pen-Y-Fan. It incorporates fusible glass, coloured frits and enamels and is mounted on a white-painted MDF board so the colours glow when hung on the wall.

Colourful stained glass pppanel made for an old cottage (photo 2)

We were asked to make a glass panel with bright colours to fit neatly in an irregular gap between the ceiling of a thatched roof and an ancient oak beam. The finished panel helps to improve privacy for a guest bedroom and introduces fantastic bursts of colour as well! The panel was built with zinc edges to maintain stiffness for a panel around 1.3m long.

Tall internal window for an 1805 house (photo 3)

To create a divide between two parts of an old house being re-modelled we were asked to design and make a 1.5m tall internal window. The objective was to incoporate two contrasting deign themes - bird of paradise flower (bottom) and shards of light (above). The window is lit with LEDs at night-time!

Large triangular internal porch window for 17th century converted chapel (photo 4 & 5)

Created in three separate wood-framed panels, these windows were made in the copper foil method as the existing glazing was to be left in place. Although the porch is a modern addition to this 17th century building, many of the materials used to build it were from the same era.
The ancient beams in particular were twisted and rough - making installation interesting!

Internal windows incorporating the clients' fish and water themes for a period home (larger panel shown) (photo 6)

"Deep, intense colour and an impression of flowing movement! Jenny and Mike created this and more for the internal windows in our unusual home. When they visited to measure up they were sensitive to the nature of the building; to what we wanted, and indeed what we didn’t want.
We were made most welcome in their studio to see the work in progress and felt we were part of the process.
The result is a dramatic play of colour and light by both day and night, admired by friends and visitors, but most of all by us.
Thank you, Vitreus Art! "

Create a lasting piece of art for the whole family (photo 7)

The next photo shows a piece of wall art created with design and colour input from all generations of one family. It's in 2 sections to simplify delivery and hanging. Each member of the family's contributions received equal emphasis so the piece is truly personal to each.

Make an impression on visitors (photo 8)

This photo shows a pair of front door panels made for an artist couple. Featuring their choice of colours and glass, the design also incorporates significant design input from the owners, reflecting the design themes they employ in their own art.

Liven up an outdoor space (photo 9)

The next photo shows a Four Seasons installation made in the leading method (for outdoor weatherproofing), featuring bespoke metalwork and a design that flows through all four pieces. The process of building the panels led to some interesting physical challenges but the finished pieces look great and were well received by the client. A great way to jazz up an otherwise dull space!

To suspend the pieces securely but also allow a degree of movement we hung the pieces from galvanised wire which follows the edges of the panels and is soldered in place in several locations. D clamps secured the hanging points and allowed for adjustment - required to ensure the tops of each panel were level with its neighbours.

Create a feature (photo 10)

This photo on the right shows a piece commissioned for a modern house and dimensioned to fit a specific space near a well-lit window.
The colours were chosen by the client (as is always encouraged) and the design draws on the client's interest in art-deco and op-art themes. The piece is 1.25m wide and mounted on a shaped board.
The piece can be removed and re-hung if needed.

Obscure a view (photo 11)

The photograph shows a pair of 1m-high window screeStained glass decorations commissioned to complement a large commission in a modern homens designed to synchronise with the striking turquoise and orange furnishings in a modern home.

The panels obscure a view over a neighbour's house, but unlike a traditional stained glass window, the panels can be separated and moved if required.
We subsequently produced two further freestanding pieces to enliven another window in the same house.

As always, the client was closely involved with the design process, choosing colours and textures and in the final physical realisation.

Create a theme (photo 12)

The penultimate photo on the right shows a set of three panels - waterfall, river, wave - designed in response to a brief calling for water themes to complement a bathroom in a Cotswolds house.

The glass choices were arrived at in collaboration with the clients - a service we usually offer, often on a first or second site visit.
The streaky glass gives a sense of movement to the pieces, the largest of which was nearly a meter wide.
The panels were finished ready to be installed by the clients' chosen craftsman..

Wall art for a special location (photo 13)

The last photo on the right shows a piece called Vela in Vas (Sails In Glass) designed for a couple's London home. The design was presented at full-size, illustrated in watercolours to give a sense of the size and impact before final sign-off was given.

The piece is mounted on a board painted the same colour as the walls, and can be taken down to enable easy cleaning, or if the owners move house. The location was chosen to make the best use of light from a window, to the right of the piece.
We can also fit LED illumination to a piece if needed for extra impact at night.

Art to commemorate a special occasion (bottom of page)

Etched detail on a Lighthouse stained glass commissionThe photo at the bottom of the page shows a freestanding piece made for a house in Cornwall, only a few miles from Porthleven where we hold our 5-day workshop. The design was based on one created for our Porthleven workshop, so it feels like the design has come home!

One of the requirements was to incorporate the number 50 somewhere in the piece. We opted to etch the number on to the yellow glass near the base, as the inset shows.

Traditional leaded stained glass windows (below)

We're often asked to create windows to match existing glazing - perhaps to replace less interesting conventional windows, or to replace damaged ones.
For the two windows shown below, we scoured the country to find modern glass that looked similar to that used in the existing windows.

Both windows are leaded of course, and we also added reinforcing steels as the existing 1930s windows had bowed - due to a weakness in the design. We also used 3 different sizes of lead cames - to match the wide, medium and fine cames used in the existing windows.
We blackened the cames with grate blacking to give the appearance of antiquity. Jenny is displaying our work immediately before crating the windows up to be transported.

A common request is for stained glass windows to be installed behind current ones - provided the windows don't open. We're always happy to advise!


A commission of your own

If you'd like to find out more about commissioning a piece of stained glass art, fused glass or a window for your own home or business, get in touch.
We'll talk you though the process, and provide an estimate with no obligation.

Our process:

  • Initial discussion of location, design themes, size, installation practicalities, budget and colours - in person or on the phone
  • We make a design and visit fee charge £50 once our quote is agreed
  • Site visit to firm up details of location and installation
  • We'll show you trial designs and coloured glass samples
  • Once the design and glass types are agreed we'll begin work on receipt of your 25% deposit
  • We'll send you photos of your piece being made as we progress
  • When the finished piece is ready, we'll deliver it, and if agreed, install it
  • Alternatively, we'll give detailed advice to your installer

Nothing quite matches the pleasure of having a piece of truly unique art in your home, and we often find clients enjoy sharing their new knowledge about how their piece was made with visitors.


Testimonials from clients who commissioned pieces from us:

" Since you installed the wall mounted Stained glass "Kinetic/OP Art" design on Sunday, we have been enthralled by the effect it has had on the area and the variations in tone and colour quality as the light plays on it at different times of the day.

Thank you both for all your guidance with the glass colours to be used, the very clever mounting and the most able way in which you both installed the construction in our home." PD, Bedfordshire

"I get so much pleasure from the art work I bought from you and it has been quite a topic of conversation." - BG, Thame

"As promised, here is a picture of the glass in situ – as you can see it has worked brilliantly and we are delighted with the results." NE, Buckinghamshire

"I felt I had to write and let you know that Tree of Life is hanging proudly in our conservatory and is fabulous.  I spend a lot of time gazing at it when I’m sitting in there and am amazed by all the different light reflections it casts at different times of the day!" NN, Buckinghamshire

"Mum loved the glass work, it is sitting proudly in her window, she said the sun comes through it so nicely.
I can't wait to see it in the summer when the sun is higher.
Thank you so much for all your hard work." RF, BFOS

"...we received it ahead of expectation  -  and we were delighted with the craftsmanship and the inspiration"
" NL, South Wales

Get in touch if you'd like a no-obligation chat about your ideas!


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Two traditional stained glass leaded windows to complement existing glass
A pair of leaded stained glass windows designed to match existing glazing in a 1930s house - modelled by Jenny!

A freestanding lighthouse themed piece with a base in Ash
A large lighthouse design, commissioned for an employee of Lizard
Lighthouse in Cornwall; the piece has an etched detail, see inset above

Vitreus Art fused glass commission made from photos in Vitreus Art Studio Northants UK
A fused glass panel on a board depicting a holiday location much enjoyed by Bruce and Claire

Long stained glass internal window for an old cottage made by Vitreus Art
An irregularly shaped coloured glass panel made for a 17th century cottage

Internal window made by Vitreus Art for an 19th century cottage
Shown immediately after installation, this internal window divides spaces and creates privacy in a re-modelled 19th century home

A large triangular porch window created in three sections by Vitreus Art
A large triangular porch window created in three sections
A large triangular porch window created in three sections by Vitreus Art
Final polish by Jenny.....

One of two internal windows on a theme inspired by windows connected with composer Benjamin Britten in the church where he's buried

Wall art in a modern home
Large wall art with input from the whole family

stained glass commission - two conremporary door panels
Two contemporary door panels for the home of an artistic couple

An outdoor feature - Four Seasons in Stained glass
Four Seasons - an outdoor stained glass installation

Stained Glass wall art commission - kinetic Op art
Stained glass wall art - 'Kinetic Op-Art' - approx 1.25m wide

Stained glass windows made for a modern home by Vitreus Art
Stained glass window screens obscuring an uninteresting view in a modern house

Three water-themed stained glass panels commissioned fora  period home
Three water-themed stained glass panels in a period home

A large stained glass art commission for a private home
A large (1.2m across) abstract piece in a London house