Fluid Art with Hazel Beckett - acrylic pour workshops
Fun fluid acrylic pouring class for beginners and all levels

"I learned lots of new skills and ended up with something I felt proud of - thank-you! " - Bertie

Hazel's new Fluid Art workshops are a fun and stimulating way to explore your creativity - and it doesn't matter at all if you've done some painting or none at all!

Fluid Art, or Acrylic Pour involves creating art on canvas panels by mixing, pouring and then manipulating paints. You will achieve beautiful abstract paintings you'll love under Hazel's expert tuition - ready to be collected after a few days drying time.

Each workshop is 4 hours - enough time to learn the fundamental techniques, discover how the paints behave, and create at least two beautiful, vibrant and totally unique paintings,

  • No previous experience is necessary; also suitable for those already experimenting with acrylic pour art
  • Step by step demonstrations
  • Huge range of paints to try
  • Small class sizes for plenty of attention
  • All materials, canvases and protective gear provided
  • Widely spaced workspaces
  • Refreshments are included
  • This workshop costs £120 inc VAT per person

The Course Structure covers:

  • Learning about the properties of the paints and learning how to mix them
  • Understanding basic colour theory
  • Preparing your canvases
  • Testing the techniques on small canvases
  • Using blowing and heated tools to move your paint around your canvases
  • Bringing all your new skills together on a larger canvas
  • Your canvases will be ready to collect after drying

You are asked to bring:

  • Enclosed shoes & old clothes

This class is led by Hazel Beckett, an accomplished artist and tutor. With a background in coaching and leadership plus many years experience working with acrylic pour art techniques, Hazel brings a fun way of creating beautiful and spontaneous art to the studio.

How to book your place - Fluid Art with Hazel Beckett

Hazel's half-day classes run from 1pm to 5pm, on the dates below.

If you're ready to book, use the PayPal button below and select the session you want to join - debit / credit cards and PayPal accepted . We can also take personal bookings in our studio.
All bookings are subject to our class bookings Terms And Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

2024 Courses

  • Saturday 9th March - Fluid Art with Hazel Beckett 1pm - 5pm - sorry, fully booked
  • Saturday 6th April - Fluid Art with Hazel Beckett 1pm - 5pm - 1 place
  • Saturday 18th May - Fluid Art with Hazel Beckett 1pm - 5pm - 5 places
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What attendees have said about our courses:

"Really enjoyable and lots to learn but well paced and suited to everyone in the group"

"'I'd never done portraits, used charcoal or pastels before and was truly amazed at results"

"The course was more than I expected. Clear patient teacher, willing to advise when needed."

"So positive! Always constructive, insired to continue"

"Challenging, insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational"


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Create amazing fluid art paintings with Hazel Beckett at Vitreus ArtA beautiful acrylic pour canvas ready to dry Create amazing fluid art paintings with Hazel Beckett at Vitreus ArtLearn to mix your acrylic paints like a pro!
Hazel Beckett - fluid artist and art tutor at Vitreus Art'Dutch Pour' - the technique you'll learn on Hazel's workshops
Create amazing fluid art paintings with Hazel Beckett at Vitreus Art
A completed canvas made using Hazel's techniques
Hazel Beckett - fluid artist and art tutor at Vitreus Art
Hazel in the studio with her paints!

About Hazel Beckett

Hazel has been a keen artist and photographer since she could pick up a pencil. She spent a long time working with ink until 5 years ago she discovered fluid acrylic art on Pinterest!

Since then she has honed her skills, learning from some of the top artists in the field. 

Her fluid art often takes cues from nature, aiming to capture the motion of water or be inspired by the colours of a favourite landscape.
One of the things that drew Hazel to fluid art was the playful fluidity of vibrant colours in motion and (unlike other art forms) the need to let go of the outcome to achieve the best outcome!