Precious Metal Clay Taster Workshop - Make your own Silver Earrings
Half-day workshops for beginners with Jenny Timms

"From start to finish - clear and methodical instruction '. - David

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) - make your own pair of silver earrings using PMC!

In this mini workshop you will learn about the fascinating world of jewellery-making with Precious Metal Clay - aka. PMC. PMC is a clay-like combination of pure silver and organic binders that, when fired, become solid silver.

The class cost includes 5 grammes of silver PMC - enough to make a pair of stunning earrings you'll love wearing!

After discussing the properties of PMC, we'll begin your earrings project. You'll learn to handle the clay, roll it out and add textures, cut out shapes and refine the finish of the clay before firing in the kiln.
With this project you'll learn about some of the clay modelling properties that make PMC so versatile.

This is a half-day practical workshop intended to give an introduction to the versatility of PMC - and give you the opportunity to make a fun set of earrings at a low cost. If you enjoy this class you're sure to find the full one-day PMC workshop fascinating.
And you'll love the jewellery you'll be able to make!

Watch Jenny introduce the full one-day PMC workshop, show examples of the projects you can make in a day, and the materials and tools you'll be using on this class. All videos hosted on YouTube.

  • On Video Two watch Jenny demonstrate how to make a simple piece of PMC Silver Jewellery.
  • On Video Three Jenny shows us the polishing and finishing stages of the piece she made earlier.
  • On Video Four Mike demonstrates torch firing - a good option for creating PMC jewellery at home!
  • Visit this page to see videos on workshops and courses, rotating views of art, chats with artists and helpful tips for glass crafters - click here.

The taster course cost of £45 inc VAT per person includes:

  • 5 grammes of PMC (enough for your project on the day)
  • Use of all tools and apron and kiln time
  • Optional Torch firing demonstration if time allows, with guidance for continuing at home if wanted
  • Rrefreshments during the workshop
  • Maximum class size 4 people
  • All your work to keep
  • Class runs from 10.00am to 12.30pm approx at our Northants studio near Towcester

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2022 Classes

  • Wednesday 5th October - PMC Jewellery for Beginners Taster Workshop, 3 places remaining



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About Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy

Jenny and Mike are developing new workshops to add to the established range of Vitreus Art classes in glass art forms. Our workshops aim to encourage anyone to jump right in and have a go, no previous experience required!

Both Jenny and Mike have completed the UK PMC certification programme and are delighted to be able to share this exciting craft!
PMC is suitable for home enjoyment - feel free to ask us about setting up your own PMC jewellery studio

Design and make your own silver earrings in half a day with Vitreus ArtDesign and make your own silver earrings in half a day!Make your own silver jewellery using PMC at Vitreus Art
The final stages - polishing and burnishing for a high shine
Make your own earrings on this half day workshop at Vitreus Art
A pair of earrings made by a student recently

Learn to shape and design pprecious metal clay
Learn a range of PMC rolling and texturing techniques Precious metal clay - make your own jewellery in just a day at Vitreus Art
On the one-day workshop you'll make several more challenging pieces of silver jewellery
Torch firing precious metal clay - learn how at Vitreus Art
Small PMC pieces can even be fired with a torch, making PMC very home friendly

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