Clare Tebboth - Painter & Mixed Media Artist

Clare says:

When I start a painting it is a feeling of that moment that I am trying to capture on canvas, the weather, light conditions and mood.  Collectors of my paintings often do so because they evoke treasured memories from their own past.

I love the creative process and am constantly inspired by the world around me.
I find great joy and inspiration in encouraging others to do the same!
I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

Clare Tebboth oil painting on canvas
Clare Tebboth Spread A Little Joy Original Oil £295

We Say:

Clare is a fab teacher and painter - her classes are productive, enjoyable and lively. We also have a selection of mounted paintings in our browsers, ready for you to frame according to your taste.

CLare Tebboth original watercolour at Vitreus Art
Bronze Silhouette £100

Clare Tebboth water colour art
Bronze View £75

Original framed watercolour by CLare Tebboth
Purple Haze £75

Poppies by CLare Tebboth on sale at Vitreus Art
Poppies £75

Clare Tebboth artist exhibits at Vitreus Art
Silhouette £75